Brazilian rhythms and melodies meet jazz harmony and improvisation in Dani & Debora Gurgel Quartet. An inseparable union between instrumental music and carefully written words, putting Dani’s voice as a scatting woodwind instrument into a jazz ambient of improvisation, stitched along the grooves of Brazilian popular music.
This family style quartet has its origins in the mother-daughter musical relationship of Debora and Dani. They record live in studio – the 4 of them together, interacting and having fun. This recording energy is featured in all of their albums, presenting the spirit of a live performance in each track, as if they were enjoying an afternoon in their living room. Their live shows are even more dynamic and energetic, filled with the delight of this united quartet that combines their long-established musical intimacy with the serendipity of constant improvisation and interaction amongst themselves and with the audience, rendering always fresh and original concerts.

+55 11 3032-1780

Dani Gurgel | vocals
Debora Gurgel | piano
Thiago Rabello | drums
Sidiel Vieira | acoustic bass


"While her country's media sleeps on what they consider the blossom of a new generation, Japanese audiences welcome her as a star."

Julio Maria, O Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo, 2015)

"Listen to this album (UM) as loud as you can. Certainly the pleasure of the live/one shot recording will spread throughout the room."

Ryosuke Itoh, Taiyo Records (Japan, 2013)

“Brazilian rhythms and MPB incorporated with jazz harmony and improvisation in a dynamic result.”

Takashi Horiuchi, DaCapo Magazine (Japan, 2013)

“Dani Gurgel represents a new musical generation, both traditional and unexpected.”

Édouard Launet, Libération (Paris, 2009)

“Dani's scatting sounds Brazilian; her intervals, attacks and phrasing articulations sound like jazz.”

Mauro Apicella, La Nación (Buenos Aires, 2011)

“Debora's piano is highly refined. She thinks as a jazz musician, but won't hide her Brazilian accent.”

Julio Maria, O Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo, 2014)

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